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Waelhamadeh Gallery

City of hearts -Oil on canvas

Product code : WHP000203 -150cm x100cm

Price :$12,500.00

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$ 12,500.00


Jasmine fragrance spread early morning in the aisles of Beirut, women pray for their husbands to have a blessed day at work, and children race to catch a crowded bus, filled with laughter of young students. Busy traffic announces a healthy society, Tram cuts the downtown transferring people to their work or shopping Bazars, voices of small traders shout here and there, ‘’Yalla al Semismieh (local sweets), Kaak..kaak’’...

Christian, Muslims, and Jewish lived together under one Lebanese sky, under one taste of tabouli and Arak, (local alcoholic drink), and they all sang Fairuz’s songs and danced Dabkii.

I asked where is this city of hearts ? that our grandeur had talked about, did it really exist or just a dream transferred from one generation to another.