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Waelhamadeh Gallery

About Us


WAEL HAMADEH PAINTING CO. deal with all kinds of fine art executing and selling.

We target collectors, interior designers, corporates, and commercial institutes.

We supply original artwork, prints on (canvas/paper/ceramic/textile..etc. this including framing and stretching services.

We supply sculpture and installation with any themes and conditions agreed by both parties.

We provide graphic services and photography.


Commissioned work by:


Intel, Porsche, Chivas Regal, CA, Nestle, Dubai

an international financial center, Red Bull, Nissan, Jumeirah

the group, Safadi group, and many reputable Corporates and

private collectors.






Wael kamel Hamadeh, Born 1969

Nationality Lebanese

Province – Al Shouf - Baakleen

Married – two children

Freelance artist and artwork and interior consultant

Certificates _ TS Computer science, Master MBA,

Diploma _ Anatomy drawing, mixed media, outdoor sculpturing and

advance photography from college or ART Edinburgh Scotland.


Artist Wael K. Hamadeh – portfolio


When we try to understand the history of any country, we find that the history of its art greatly defines its identity.

For the love of his Lebanese heritage and its rich multiple facets,

Wael stands faithfully as he brushes away the dust from the forgotten majestic colors of his beloved country,

reawakening the glory they once represented, through his oriental

surrealism paintings and sculptures. Despite all the pain that Lebanon is passing through,

Hamadeh continues vividly brushing his strokes with colors of heritage merged with

stories of rich folklore. Through his work, you see the resilience of the Lebanese… the rebirth of the Phoenix.


Painting after painting, art piece after art piece, Wael’s work refocuses the spotlight on the beauty inspired by the memory he has of the steeped

mountain region he comes from. There, rocks stand guard to a natural paradise, and olive trees dance with the breeze of the valley… His magical

color mix pulls you back to remind you of the freshness of the soil, the hardness of the rock, and the vibrancy of mesmerizing scenes.

Living in Dubai since 1995, Hamadeh engraved his name as an accomplished artist through his new line of exceptional work that carries

his signature. Having been a member of a university folklore varsity team, Hamadeh’s mind and art is a safe preserving the intricate details of

the rich heritage of the Lebanese villagers and farmers. Those people come alive in his art as he appoints them ambassadors to the universe.

Wael is a life-long learner; After receiving an Art diploma from Edinburgh- Scotland, he started a self-taught discovery of his inner

creation through brush and color. His works are spread among many reputable companies, hotels, restaurants, and private collectors.

“My passion to paint the movement and contrast of who we are is a nonstop adrenaline rush. I crave knowledge of my surrealistic brush and

enrich my style to be a brand that upholds our values and honors our existentialism.


My name is Wael K.Hamadeh my nationality is Lebanese, and the

universe is my family.”


Exhibitions History

Selected group exhibitions

1995 Participate in "Lebanese residence artist in Dubai"

1996 - 1998 - 1999 Participate with DSF

1998 Participate in an art festival in Dubai

Participate in 15 members’ exhibitions with DIAC

1999 Participate in the Millennium exhibition in Dubai

Oct 2001 Participate in “Love, Faith & Fear "Exhibition – MEC – Dubai

Nikon extravaganza competition 2000-2001- 2002-2003

ART and Music festival Burjuman Mall Dubai-2003

Philips international jazz festival -Media city Dubai- 2003-2004-2005

Art and Fashion festival at Burjuman shopping center "AlTarboush", Dubai 2005

Bride show at the Trade Centre, Dubai 2006

RedBull competition Middle East 2007

Organize and participate in Skywards Dubai International Jazz festival 8-9-10 March 2007

Ladies club group exhibition Dubai-Jan-2008

SEP 2009 -Participate in Charity awareness, organized by jam jar

gallery and raffle hotel- Dubai. Produce a 21-meter painting that will auction for charity.

Skywards Dubai International Jazz festival 2009-2013

“Against the Tides” exhibition in Al Hamediyeh gallery Dubai. Sep 2013

Artest group exhibition Nov 2015 Ductac – Dubai

Afkart exhibition – Kaferdebyan festival from 10th to 15th Aug 2016 - Lebanon 

World art Dubai April 2018 - WTC - DUBAI.

World art Dubai April 2020 - WTC - DUBAI.

World Art Dubai March 2022 - WTC - DUBAI.

Art Dubai - Expo 2020 Dubai - Lebanese Pavilion 




Selected solo exhibitions


2000 " My first solo " Zyara cafe Dubai

2001 " Wael`s world " Zyara cafe Dubai

2002 " 6hrs in Bangladesh " Zyara cafe Dubai -

2002 " Colored history " Zaman Gallery – Beirut- Lebanon

2003 "Unwire and Unwind" Gitex-2003- Dubai- Intel VIP lounge

2004 "killing two birds in one stone" at Fairmount Hotel, Dubai

2006 " Arabist Legacy " Ibis hotel World Trade Centre, Dubai

2007 San Francisco- Agha villa April 07- USA

2007 " Arabist Legacy 2 " Meridian Hotel, Fujira al aqa

2008 “Khuyot Arabiya” four walls gallery – 2008

2010 “Gold & Orient” Zaman gallery July 2010

2012 “Gold & Orient II” Zaman gallery 2th Aug to 11th Aug

2014 “Rythme & color” Dubai international jazz festival –Feb

2014 Scent from the Orient – Muse Artz gallery – Dec

2015 Waeliyat Sharqiyia –Zaman gallery Aug

2016/2018 Oriental wave Dubai international jazz festival Feb


Seminars and lecture

Gave 3 days seminar in photography techniques at the world photo

exhibition for the audience at the world trade center exhibition. March 2010

and 2012 25th -27th 2012.

Participate as a photographer in life coaching of struggle and beauty

form April 2012 –BEIRUT & DUBAI

2008 participate in international 5 days workshop for artists and


Lecture more than 100 hours of private photography classes.




1.  United nation  - 2nd prize in Environment Catagory- painting Watered roots - Lebanon - June 2019

2. First place - Visitor choice award.

" Fragments of a treasure" Bas-relief Sculpture -DIAC holiday Inn crown plaza -Dubai-June 1998


3. First price Nikon Competition.

"Maternity” Black & white - Nikon photography extravaganza 2000-DIAC


4. 3rd Price Nikon Competition - Digital category

"Down to Earth" Nikon photography extravaganza - DIAC 2001-Dubai


5. 2nd Price International Nikon photography extravaganza.

"Bright reflects” Nikon photography extravaganza - DIAC 2003- Dubai


6.Certificate of honor from Abu Dhabi officer club

under the leader of H.H.Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed al

Nahyan for participating and organizing the first

exhibition for “ National Exhibition for plastic art



Commissioned work by:


Intel, Porsche, Chivas Regal, CA, Nestle, Dubai

an international financial center, Red Bull, Nissan, Jumeirah

the group, Safadi group, and many reputable Corporates and

private collectors.


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